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We firmly believe in the broker distribution channel and the trusted value brokers bring to their clients as expert advisers. That’s why we’re continuously developing technology that enables brokers to provide outstanding service.

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Businesses are focused on three primary areas

To optimise the use of technology in the insurance industry, brokerages should focus on attracting and retaining talented employees, complying with regulations, and reducing operating costs. Cloud-based software has become increasingly popular and can help brokers achieve these goals.

To better serve their clients, brokers should offer digital solutions that simplify the customer onboarding process and ensure the security of customer data. JAVLN’s technology can assist brokers in meeting their regulatory obligations and increasing operational efficiency.

To stay ahead in the industry, it’s essential for brokers to evolve and offer clients user-friendly and appropriately sized tech solutions. Investing in a future-proof technology platform will help brokers keep up with the industry’s changing landscape and meet the needs of their clients. Don’t let legacy software hold your business back.

  • Retain employees

    Great software helps improve employee satisfaction by providing them the best tools to do the job.

  • Handle compliance

    A modern software platform provides functionality & features designed to assist with compliance.

  • Reduce costs

    Software as a Service (SaaS) reduces the total cost of ownership for your software infrastructure.

  • Client Management

    Stay Connected

    Gain a holistic view of your clients and partners by capturing in-depth information about your business relationship. JAVLN’s profiles allow you to connect with people like never before, enabling a richer experience and service excellence.

  • Connect to insurers

    Easily remarket insurance

    The policy platform connects to insurers and agencies to obtain terms based on stored risk information. Our documentation provides easy to read comparisons enabling brokers to analyse and present all available options. The process of remarketing insurance cover has never been easier or more efficient.

  • Broker Conduct & Regulations

    Meet requirements

    Capture and securely store information against clients, policies or claims. Save a complete history of events and produce an audit report at any time. Structured data enables the generation of reports to satisfy industry regulators.

Case Study

Trans-West Insurance Brokers

“JAVLN has been a game changer for our brokerage. Its user-friendly interface and client-centric approach have significantly improved our efficiency and enabled us to take our customer service to the next level. The continuous development and support from the JAVLN team has made this partnership invaluable.” — Pieter Versluis, general manager, Trans-West

Trans-West refused to accept the status quo, and chose to embark on a journey to empower its brokers to better serve customers. Viewing technological innovation as an enabler of, rather than a replacement for, brokers, Trans-West’s strategy focused on fixing the root cause of its challenges — its technology infrastructure. 

The implementation of JAVLN’s easy-to-use platform helped Trans-West’s brokers become more efficient and effective — while also fixing the root cause of many of its technical- and business-level challenges in one fell swoop.

Thanks to the increase in productivity, Trans-West found that it was able to take on more clients with the same number of brokers and resources available, enabling the company to grow its footprint, sell more insurance and improve its profitability.

Click here to see how Trans-West were able to achieve a 20% improvement in productivity and an 8% increase in average revenue.

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    We grow with you
    JAVLN’s policy platform portals & extensions are designed to allow customers to realise opportunities and solve complex problems. Designed with the needs of industry in mind and developed in-house they allow the features of our software to quickly evolve.
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    You’re supported
    Well trained consultants and support teams build close relationships with customers. They ensure both seamless onboarding and that users get the best out of the platform. We provide a range of support plans to meet the needs of customers so help is always on hand.
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