Policy Platform

Client, policy & claims

The policy platform is highly configurable and flexible, allowing insurance products to be managed through the complete policy life-cycle, including underwriting, distribution and claims. Administrative processes are streamlined and automated to drive greater efficiencies.

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  • Dashboard

    Centralised view

    The dashboard is the central navigation hub from where users can quickly view, search or access the policy platform. User roles and permissions enable access to be restricted to sensitive information. Portlets display recent activity and shortcuts to other parts of the platform.

    • User Roles

    • Personalise

    • User Guide

  • Client Management

    Stay connected

    Gain a holistic view of your clients and partners by capturing in-depth information about each business relationship. Configure an unlimited number of profiles and user defined data fields to capture and reuse key information. Map the relationships by flagging associations between prospects and clients, in order to see a centralised view and create opportunities.

    • CRM

    • Profiles

    • Associations

  • Policy Lifecycle

    Save time

    Efficiently manage your policies and products throughout the policy life cycle. Connect to insurance services, generate documentation and streamline the renewal process. The platform handles the full management of insurance accounting including calculation of premiums, brokerage fees, taxes, levies and invoicing and debtor management.

    • Risk Profiles

    • Quote

    • Bind

    • Renew

  • Claims Management

    Fulfil the promise

    Our platform can manage the claims process for both brokers and agencies. Functionality includes claim registration, validation, assignment, supplier management and claim financials. Easily track the progress of a claim and receive regular, automated updates.

    • Register

    • Track

    • Manage

  • Documents

    Keep it safe

    Permanently save file notes, emails, images and other files against a client, policy or claim. Document storage is secure, accessible from any location and has unlimited capacity.

    • Secure

    • Accessible

    • Permanent

  • Reporting

    Mine your data

    Reports can be scheduled, run in-line to an insurance process or ad hoc. Use ‘Smart Reports’ to mine data tables, enabling both real-time and periodic reporting directly from the platform. There is a comprehensive audit trail of all system and user activities.

    • Schedule

    • In-line

    • Real Time

    • Audit Logs

  • Events & Tasks


    The platform’s architecture allows best practice workflows to be configured, including notifications, events and tasks. Create and assign tasks, add reminders to proactively manage a team, clients or business network. Tasks and status reports are managed from the dashboard.

    • Notifications

    • SMS

    • Email

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    We grow with you
    JAVLN’s policy platform portals & extensions are designed to allow customers to realise opportunities and solve complex problems. Designed with the needs of industry in mind and developed in-house they allow the features of our software to quickly evolve.
    Portals & Extensions
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    You’re supported
    Well trained consultants and support teams build close relationships with customers. They ensure both seamless onboarding and that users get the best out of the platform. We provide a range of support plans to meet the needs of customers so help is always on hand.
    Onboarding & Support
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